7 01 2014

LOVE these murals. Best I’ve seen a while. Check them out here: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/01/etam-cru-murals-2013/


mural 2


Top of my game

3 01 2014


New year, new me and all that. Well, actually I do need a new challenge, so why not embrace the whole resolution thing. Forget giving up booze, chocolate, biscuits and cheese – that’s just silly. I want a physical challenge. Tough Mudder is out. Fire, electric shocks, mud. No, thanks. Triathlon. Hmmm. I could attempt it, but I really don’t like swimming – I’m a breaststroke girl and that just doesn’t work for a competition. Although Portishead triathlon is definitely in my sights, so maybe, that’s the way to go. But then I heard about duathlon’s. Amazing. No swimming! I really liked the idea of doing the London Duathlon, but that’s on Toddler B’s second birthday so that’s a no. And then I found the Caste Combe duathlon. That’s the one! I’m signing up! What challenges are you signing up for this year?

In review: The Little Mermaid

7 12 2013


Wowsers. Loved, loved, loved this SO much. I didn’t know what to expect – I love the Disney and Hans Christian Anderson versions, but what to expect on stage? Would it be musical? How would the swimming work? Would I love the prince? Would Disney’s Sebastian be there? Yes. It did. Yes, but not in the same way! Kind of. It was musical – it had to be – and it was beautiful. Ariel’s voice was amazing. The swimming was ingenious and totally worked – go see to appreciate. The prince wasn’t the dashing, handsome fellow I was expected, but a bumbling guy, who was hilarious. ‘Sebastian’ was a scuttling crab, who didn’t speak, but was physically funny. Go see, go see!

Shining bright like a diamond

16 06 2013



Barbadian pop star Rihanna’s Diamond world tour featured the star’s latest hits ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Stay’, as well as popular numbers ‘We Found Love’ , ‘Rude Boy’, ‘What’s My Name?’ and ‘Only Girl (In The World)’.

As a live singer she is incredible; I was taken aback by how good she was singing live plus the great show she put on, the whole arena was singing and dancing. Her outfits were amazing and she looked absolutely fantastic. An absolute diamond in fact.

Her set was divided into five acts, broken up with costume changes reflecting the various facets of her career: It opens in muted fashion with the singer kneeling in a black cape, studded thigh-high boots and hot pants in front of a female statue on a video screen while singing “Mother Mary”.  The second set is Caribbean-inspired and she wears a loose tshirt. For the third, she wears a multi-coloured leather bralet and trousers and performs Umbrella, All of the Lights, Rockstar 101 and finishes with What Now? And a lot of fire.

For the fourth set she wears a stunning, floor-length red dress and performs ballads Loveeeee Song, Love the Way You Lie, Take a Bow and others. And for the fifth act, she wears a sequin-encrusted, dollar bill-smothered puffa jacket and matching trainers punching the air and bouncing into the crowd!

Rihanna, you’re the only girl in the world for me!


20 04 2013

Sometimes the internet makes you laugh. Sometimes it makes you think “WTF?” Most of the time it does both. “How Animals Eat Their Food” created by MisterEpicMann does just that. It involves one man’s over-the-top impressions of how creatures such as a rhino, a lizard and a kangaroo eat. It’s funny. It’s weird. Basically, you’ve just got to watch it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnydFmqHuVo

Christmas wish list

28 10 2011

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about Christmas just yet, but…just in case I have a secret santa out there with a lot of cash, this would absolutely, positively make my christmas! You can find it here.


In review: La Boheme

13 10 2011

I watched my first opera last night. It was beautiful. Performed by the Opera Project at the Tobacco Factory, I saw La Boheme. For those that don’t know the story, it’s a romantic tale set in 19th century Paris, mainly focusing on the love story between a seamstress, Mimi, and a poet, Rodolfo.

The orchestra was fabulous. There were moments of laughter – when Rodolfo and his friends are play fighting with baguettes – and moments of sadness (my friend actually cried at the end), it was a true emotional rollercoaster.

Translated into English meant it was easier to know exactly what was happening, however, I would love to experience a genuine Italian opera to see how it compares. It certainly won’t be my last experience of opera.


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